Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

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Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

Until an incident six months ago, I mainly considered my car insurance to be something I would use if an accident occurred. After being stranded at work with a car that wouldn't start, I learned there was more to my plan than that. There is a whole section that has to do with roadside assistance. The guy driving the tow truck asked if my insurance covered emergency calls and I said I didn't know. He asked me the name of the company and then called his boss. After a quick word with my provider, he found out that I was covered in full. If you are not sure if your car insurance covers roadside assistance, let me tell you how to find out. After going over specific clauses in the contract, I'm betting you are covered for everything from a flat tire to a dead battery.


4 Items To Keep In Your Winter Emergency Vehicle Kit As A Parent

It is always wise to have a winter emergency kit on hand in your vehicle just in case you find yourself stranded in the cold, waiting on a 24-hour roadside service to arrive. While the general necessities, such as a flashlight, water, and a radio will be ideal for you as an adult, if you are frequently traveling with small children, it is best to give the emergency kit a little more thought. There are some items that you will surely need if you are stranded with kids in the winter, so here are a few you should make sure to include in your vehicle's emergency kit. 

1. Extra Blankets - Little ones can be more vulnerable to cold temperatures than you. Therefore, make sure you have a few extra blankets on hand to help them stay warm in the event you get stranded in the cold without heat. It is a good idea to carry at least one small blanket for every passenger you normally have in the car. So if you are often traveling with your two children, keep three blankets in the winter emergency kit. 

2. Snacks - If you are stranded for a few hours because of icy roadway conditions, chances are, you will be just fine without food. However, kids are much less capable of feeling hungry and not letting it get to them. Pack a few snacks in your winter emergency kit, such as crackers, peanut butter, or your child's favorite treats. 

3. Hand Warmers - Make sure those delicate little fingers and toes don't get too frigid while you wait for help in a stranded car in the winter by keeping hand and foot warmers in your emergency kit. In a pinch, these nifty things can be activated and stuffed in pockets, shoes, and even tucked under the lining of an infant car seat to provide a small amount of heat. 

4. Inexpensive New Toys - Waiting in a car with children in the cold can be an all-out nightmare for any parent. Not only will you be faced with keeping everyone safe, but also occupied until help gets to you to avoid meltdowns in the confined space. Pick up a few inexpensive toys and tuck them away in the winter emergency kit you keep in your car. When things get hairy, pull out the inexpensive, never-before-seen playthings to keep your little ones content for a little longer. Visit for more information.