Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

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Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

Until an incident six months ago, I mainly considered my car insurance to be something I would use if an accident occurred. After being stranded at work with a car that wouldn't start, I learned there was more to my plan than that. There is a whole section that has to do with roadside assistance. The guy driving the tow truck asked if my insurance covered emergency calls and I said I didn't know. He asked me the name of the company and then called his boss. After a quick word with my provider, he found out that I was covered in full. If you are not sure if your car insurance covers roadside assistance, let me tell you how to find out. After going over specific clauses in the contract, I'm betting you are covered for everything from a flat tire to a dead battery.


Three Things To Have In Place When Offering Manufactured Home Towing Services

More and more businesses are opening that are building homes on a site, then transferring them to their client's lot. Likewise, more homeowners are interested in the ease and customization that comes with having a prefabricated home. There is space in the middle for someone to deliver these homes. If you own or operate a towing service, your profits can increase significantly if you aid in moving mobile homes or prefabricated houses to their lots. Here are three things that you need to understand and have in place before moving towing homes. 

Have flatbeds and tractor trailers ready

For some buildings and some building materials especially, you may be able to transport the materials via tractor trailer towing. For larger home sections, you will need to tow the home pieces on a flatbed truck. You want to have both truck types available and have them as large as possible. The towing capabilities will need to be as high as you can get them as the parts of a home are likely to weigh several tons. 

Learn the roads of the towns

If you will be offering home towing services to prefabrication services in a number of towns, you should get to know the highways and the back roads. Depending on how wide the home is and where the site is located, you may opt to utilize back roads or the major roadways. Determine if the back roads are filled with potholes and other pitfalls that can make it difficult to successfully carry a home to a site. If you will be using the main roads, you will need to make sure that your drivers know the proper speed limits for the particular car and are able to set up a truck for wide loads. Avoiding high traffic times in town can also make it faster to carry the modular home successfully. 

Create a safety plan

Carrying a home can be different than carrying items that are stacked inside of a tractor trailer. Make sure that you and any other drivers practice carrying heavy and wide loads on the road prior to carrying actual homes. Increasing your commercial insurance policy and liability coverage is also a good idea since you will be dealing with homes, which are some of the biggest ticket items possible. Last, attend trucking classes that concentrate on heavy hauling and wide loads. Specialty classes can teach you proper turning, backing up, and wide load dropping techniques that make it easier to safely transport a home. 

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