Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

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Roadside Assistance: What Will Insurance Cover?

Until an incident six months ago, I mainly considered my car insurance to be something I would use if an accident occurred. After being stranded at work with a car that wouldn't start, I learned there was more to my plan than that. There is a whole section that has to do with roadside assistance. The guy driving the tow truck asked if my insurance covered emergency calls and I said I didn't know. He asked me the name of the company and then called his boss. After a quick word with my provider, he found out that I was covered in full. If you are not sure if your car insurance covers roadside assistance, let me tell you how to find out. After going over specific clauses in the contract, I'm betting you are covered for everything from a flat tire to a dead battery.

Top 5 Reasons to Call a Tow

Car problems can be frustrating and inconvenient. Whether it's a flat tire or an engine breakdown, you need a reliable way to get your car to a mechanic or back home. That's where calling a tow can be a lifesaver. A tow truck can transport your vehicle safely to your desired destination at any time of the day. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top five reasons why you should call a tow.


After an accident, you may not be able to drive your car. It's also unsafe to drive a damaged vehicle on the road. Calling a tow truck is the best option to transport your car to an auto body shop or garage safely. A tow truck driver will take your vehicle away, and you can relax knowing that it's in good hands.

Engine problems:

Engine problems can happen without warning, and they're often severe. If your car won't start or is making strange noises, it's best to call for assistance. A tow truck can transport your car to the nearest garage or mechanic for repairs. You'll be glad you didn't try to drive it on your own and cause more damage.

Flat tire:

A flat tire is a common problem that most drivers will experience at some point. Depending on the location and time of day, changing a tire can be dangerous or impossible. If you find yourself stuck on the roadside with a flat tire, reach out to a towing service. They can safely transport your vehicle to a nearby garage or tire shop for necessary repairs or replacement.

Dead battery:

A dead battery can happen at any time, even if you have a brand-new car. Jump-starting a car requires another vehicle and can be dangerous if you're not experienced. Instead, call a tow truck. They can jump-start your car, or if it's more severe, transport your vehicle to a garage for battery replacement.


It can be frustrating to lock yourself out of your car, but it happens more often than you might think. Instead of trying to break into your car, which can damage the lock or window, call a tow truck. They have special tools that can help unlock your car without causing any damage.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you might need to call a tow truck. Whether it's due to an accident, engine problems, flat tire, dead battery, or lockout, a tow truck can be a lifesaver. Having a reliable towing service on hand can give you peace of mind and ensure that your car is transported safely to your desired destination.

For more information, contact a towing company today.